Welcome to my book blog! Most of the book recommendations that you’ll find here are from the anglophone writers of an archipelago located in the South-East Asia, the Philippines. This country is doomed because of its geographic location: the rebel group Maute occupied one of its city called Marawi, prone to natural calamities, and fragmented islands. This cursed country has been occupied by Spain for more than 300 years since year 1521 when Ferdinand Magellan “discovered” the islands and names them “Archipelago of San Lazaro.“–Who do he think he is? When an American war ship was blown up in the Harbor of Havana in 1898, the Spanish-American war ensued. In 1899, in the Treaty of Paris, the country has been ceded to the United States of America. The country couldn’t catch a break, in 1941, the Japanese invaded the country and bombed its cities. There were myths and legends–including the “Mass of St. Sylvestre,” that would never every takes place since the church where the myth began was reduced to ashes. It’s up to the anglophone writers to write and document what is left of this cursed fragmented country. Although English wasn’t their native tongue and their vernacular was kept on being devalued, Filipinos had no choice but to speak and write in the English language. What makes thing worst, anglophone writers were never recognized and relatively provincialized–with some exceptions. This book review is an attempt to uplift the spirit of these writers and to let the English speaking world know that there are such writers.