About Me






Hi! I am Ohora and I am the owner of ohora.reviews. Back in college, I did countless writings: news articles, opinion papers, short stories and the like–of course what we expect from an education institution. But I remembered back when I was eight or nine, I wrote my first story about a princess and a dragon falling in love. Unfortunately, I was clueless on what to do about it and my parents were as well. Blogging started, though, as a college project in 2015. As time progresses, it became my creative outlet that turned out to be my passion. I guess I started to like writing when I discovered that there’s a whole new world hidden in books. I once searched on google about being an introvert and I thought to myself–why not take advantage of it? I didn’t have any friend until books came along. Then I started to really get serious in this when I get to read more books like the Mysterious Benedict Society of Trenton Lee Stewart, Jennifer Niven’s All the Bright Places and many more.

I am also the owner of the ohoragamingph, a gaming blog. As a young boy growing up in a small island, I get to spend nights of playing video games. I always feel drawn into it later. All of my blog websites are relatively new, yet if you are passionate about your craft, proficiency will come along eventually. I heard once in a movie where there’s a character who wrote a novel titled “Sex under the Sun” that you don’t call yourself a writer unless you actually published your own book, but I lingered to this belief that when you writer, you’re a writer yourself. So If you, like myself, loves to write, keep writing and everything will follow.